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School concerts

Danny & Gerry play a lot of non-public concerts in schools every year with great success.

There are 6 different school programs available based on the CD productions and books from Danny & Gerry. So there is counting, the alphabet, the months of the year, the seasons and many more things the pupils will learn and practice during the concerts.

The shows are: Our First Songs, Our Day Out, More Of Our Songs, Our World Tour, the Christmas show Our Christmas and for Halloween Our Halloween.

Are you interested in a school concert?

Due to the outcome of the Covid19 Pandemic, Danny and Gerry had to end business and no longer perform any concerts. We truly apologise.

Public concerts

Due to the outcome of the Covid19 Pandemic, Danny and Gerry had to end business and no longer perform any concerts. We truly apologise.

Danny & Gerry on video

Here are some videos from and with Danny & Gerry for your pleasure. Just click on any thumbnail to watch these videos.

Danny & Gerry video: Get Down
Get Down

Danny & Gerry video: We Like It
We Like It

Danny & Gerry video: Mosquito Dance
Mosquito Dance

Danny & Gerry video: Can You Boogie?
Can You Boogie?

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Danny & Gerry video: school concerts
School concerts

Danny & Gerry video: Ghosts And Ghouls
Ghosts and Ghouls

Danny & Gerry video: Christmas In Dangerland
Christmas in Dangerland


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Our CDs

Danny & Gerry - More Of Our SongsIn 1997 we produced More Of Our Songs which consists of a book and a CD with 14 songs for children aged 4 to 10 years. We now have a teachers kit containing additional information and ideas for activities around these songs.

Audio clip: Can You Boogie?

More information: www.our-music.com/?songs/moos

Danny & Gerry - Our Day OutIn late 1999 we released the second CD Our Day Out where we introduced our first audio story "The Bird Restaurant".

Audio clip: Sing The Alphabet

More information: www.our-music.com/?songs/odo

Danny & Gerry - Our First SongsIn November 2001 Danny & Gerry brought their 3rd CD to the market: Our First Songs. This is a completely new production of early songs by Danny & Gerry. From now on, these often requested songs are available in best quality for you to enjoy.

Audio clip: Seven Days

More information: www.our-music.com/?songs/ofs

Danny & Gerry - Our Christmas SongsIn the year 2002 Danny & Gerry made their first Maxi-CD called Our Christmas Songs.

Audio clip: It Must Be Christmas

More information: www.our-music.com/?songs/ocs

Danny & Gerry - Our HalloweenAs with Our Christmas Songs Danny & Gerry produced another Maxi-CD based on a special time of the year. It is called Our Halloween and contains 6 spooky Halloween Songs. The Maxi-CD was released in September 2004.

Audio clip: It's Halloween

More information: www.our-music.com/?songs/oh

Danny & Gerry - Our World TourIn April 2005 Danny & Gerry presented their sixth CD named Our World Tour. This full-length CD comes with 15 songs and a full-colored book with all the lyrics and illustrations by the Scottish artist Sheena Machotka.

Audio clip: My Spider Clyde

More information: www.our-music.com/?songs/owt

Danny & Gerry - Our Music RadioThe seventh CD was released in April 2008 and is called Our Music Radio. This CD comes in an "AmaryBox" packing (DVDs are usually packed this way) where the 32-page full-coloured booklet can be stored safely. Again, Ms Sheena Machotka made all the illustrations.

Audio clip: 8 Good Reasons

More information: www.our-music.com/?songs/omr

Danny & Gerry - Fun In The Four SeasonsIn December 2010 Let's Woki - Fun In The 4 Seasons was released, a production by Oy WOKItainment & Consulting Ltd. (Finland). The CD comes with 9 songs for children in the age of 4 and up.

Audio clip: The Bear, The Moos, The Hear

More information: www.our-music.com/?songs/ffs

Danny & Gerry - Our Dance PartyThe next CD was released in November 2012: Our Dance Party with 8 songs and a 12 page booklet with all the lyrics. For the first time Danny & Gerry offer 2 of these songs as a free download (FreeBee).

Audio clip: Echo And Me

More information: www.our-music.com/?songs/odp

The newest CD was released in March 2020: More Of Our Songs 20/20 with 14 songs and a booklet with all the lyrics. Again Danny & Gerry offer a song as a free download (FreeBee).

Audio clip: Rabbit

More information: www.our-music.com/?songs/moos2020

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Our online Shop is closed.

About us

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Danny & Gerry - a fantastic and fun way to learn English. They produce wonderful CDs for children and perform exciting interactive live concerts. And all of that in English.

Danny Sheard

A picture of Danny SheardDanial (Danny) D. Sheard was born in British Columbia, Canada, in 1970. His musical background, in Canada, stretches back to 1976, when he started vocal and piano lessons. From 1980 - 1988 he studied classical and jazz trumpet. In 1986 he began to learn bass guitar.

After school in 1988 Danny moved from Vancouver, Canada to Austria, where he studied Jazz bass guitar at the Prayner Conservatory in Vienna from 1991- 1994. Since 1990 Danny has been teaching English as a foreign language to children between the age of 3 and 13. He worked for various companies until 1998 where he then opened the company our-music.com with his partners.

He has conducted seminars for teachers in Vienna, Bratislava, Budapest, Munich, France and Japan.

In 1994 Danny and Gerry decided to record an English children's cassette with brand new original children songs. It was titled "Our Songs" and was released in Europe and Japan. In the meanwhile, "More Of Our Songs", "Our Day Out", "Our First Songs" and "Our Christmas Songs" have been released.

By combining their practical understanding of teaching children and their musical backgrounds, Danny and Gerry have been able to produce these wonderful new children songs which are being taught to children privately and in schools allover Austria, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, France and Japan.

Since 1995 Danny and Gerry have performed many concerts for children with great success and feedback.

Gerry McNeice

A picture of Gerry McNeiceGerry McNeice was born in Larne, County Antrim, Northern Ireland in 1963.

Gerry has been involved with music from the age of 16, playing in various bands as a singer, guitarist and songwriter, in his native Northern Ireland, London and now Vienna. Apart from our music int. he's working with two other musical projects, Cosmic Love and Sevenhead, and was the main songwriter for a CD released in 1994.

Most of Gerry's working life has revolved around young people and children. He's a qualified Youth Leader, and has spent time in Denmark as a youth leader. He came to Vienna in 1990 and for the past 33 years has been teaching English as a foreign language for English For Children. He has been conducting seminars for teachers in Vienna, Bratislava and Munich since 1994. Gerry is also presently working as a language assistant in High school Salzergasse in Vienna.

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